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How to Distinguish the Authenticity of Iron Oxide Red?

Sep. 23, 2021

Iron oxide red can be made into red pigments and red pigments, or it can be mixed with other colors to make other colors of pigments and dyes. However, due to the similar appearance of genuine and fake products, genuine and fake products are usually only known after use.

So as a iron oxide pigment supplier, I will introduce several ways to distinguish true from false, hoping to avoid buying fake products by distinguishing.


Iron Oxide Red

Iron Oxide Red

Covering Ability

Generally speaking, the covering ability of iron oxide red is relatively strong. Therefore, when we use iron oxide red, if we use real iron oxide red to paint the wall, then iron oxide red can make the wall more It is smooth and delicate, and the red on the surface of the wall is relatively uniform, and there will be no glare. On the contrary, fake iron oxide red does not appear this situation. Therefore, when we use iron oxide red, we can distinguish between true and false iron oxide red according to the covering ability of iron oxide red. Moreover, this method is relatively simple. We only need to pay attention to the difference between true and false iron oxide red. Place.


Particle Specifications

The particle shape and particle size, surface area, and relative density of red iron oxide are determined by the preparation method. There are two main preparation methods for red iron oxide. The two methods are wet and dry. These two methods are also convenient for people to distinguish iron oxide red, so when you choose iron oxide red, you can still distinguish them based on these.


Oil Absorption   

The oil absorption of iron oxide red is a very important indicator. Like other pigment applications, the wetting of iron oxide in the application system is the most important link in the entire dispersion process. The quality of the wetting effect depends on the dispersion medium and pigment. The degree of affinity of the surface morphology, and the spatial interaction between the molecular morphology of the dispersion medium and the structure of the pigment agglomerates. Therefore, the oil absorption of iron oxide red is also a good way to distinguish iron oxide red. We can apply this to the method of distinguishing iron oxide red when we use it, which can help us pursue our The desired effect.


Where to Buy the Iron Oxide Red of High Quality?

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