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Do You Know the Advantages and Applications of Iron Oxide Black?

Sep. 02, 2021

Iron oxide black is one of our common chemical substances, commonly used in coloring and protective substances. Iron oxide black is deeply loved by everyone for its excellent performance and wide application. So what are the specific advantages and applications of iron oxide black? As a iron oxide pigment supplier, I'd like to introduce it to you.

Iron Oxide Black

Iron Oxide Black

Advantages of Iron Oxide Black

Good Compatibility

Iron oxide black is often used as a pigment and colorant. This is because iron oxide black has good compatibility, even in water-based exterior wall paints and oil-based paints, it also has good properties.

Easy to Use

Iron oxide black is easy to use and can be used directly when added to cement.

Chemical Resistance

Iron oxide black has very strong chemical resistance, which means that it can withstand the test of different pH values, whether it is acidic or alkaline substances, iron oxide black is very resistant.

Good Stability

Iron oxide black can withstand the test of different temperatures. It is used in the coating industry and will not be affected by temperature changes, or it will not change in stability with temperature. It can maintain very high stability at high or low temperatures.

Flocculation Resistance

Iron oxide black has good flocculation resistance, the product is not prone to flocculation or agglomeration, and has good dispersibility, which has great benefits for subsequent use.

High temperature Resistance

Iron oxide black also has a certain degree of heat resistance, and its stability is not reduced under high temperature conditions.


Applications of Iron Oxide Black

Iron oxide black is mainly used in construction fields including walls, exterior walls, brick surfaces, floor tiles, pillars, artificial marble, pavements, etc. In addition, iron oxide black is often used in various indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces, architectural ceramics, and glass ceramics. In addition, iron oxide black can also be used in the coloring of cosmetics, paper, and plastic products.


The above are the advantages and applications of iron oxide black. I believe you must have an understanding of iron oxide black after reading! Understanding and knowing the application and advantages of iron oxide black is very helpful to us. It can allow us to better use it in our daily lives and satisfy our yearning for a better life. Welcome to consult us for more knowledge about iron oxide black.

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